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 Our Web Design Process




Chances are you’ve had difficulties with your web presence.  We get it.  The process was drawn out, the results were disappointing, your designer confused you with all sorts of hidden fees and technical jargon.  And for what?  You probably haven’t seen any direct tangible results from you webpage.  What could you expect, really?  If you don’t like it, do you think customers or potential customers do?  Even if you have given a customer a good product or service, are they embarrassed to refer you because your website sucks?  “ABC company really did a good job for me!  Their website sucks, but give them a call!”  Yeah, right.

 The fact is you need a viable, complete, clean, useful, informative website to build your company’s image and credibility.  Anything less than a top-notch site won’t work.  You deserve better!  Your company deserves better, your employees deserve better, your customers deserve your best!



1. Design

In about 24 to 72 hours we will have a mock for you that is made with the finest graphic designers and programs. The mock up will be a graphic design version of your website. No working parts as of yet, we just want to get the ball rolling based on the information we get from you, over the phone, or by way of email. This initial design mock ups will be sent to you via email for review.

2. Revisions

During the design process most companies will limit the amount of revisions you can make to the mock ups. With us you get unlimited design revisions. So we will use the original mock, and make changes and additions to hone in on what you want. No matter how many times we have to make revisions, we will be happy to help. We go back and forth with the client over the phone or by email until we design the perfect website for you. Most clients need 1 to 3 revisions.

3. Development

Once the design mock is perfect we “slice” the design into a website, and develop the functionality. We use our genius web developers with infinite coding knowledge to create a working website out of your perfect design mocks.

4. Content Injection & Training

This is where we put on the content, and train you on how to work your site. We will then get all then content and products on the site how you want it.

5. Test Drive

Once the website is perfect we move it to your domain and or hosting. Note there is typically 3 to 4 hours of downtime for the move.

Lifetime Guarantee


You get a lifetime guarantee on all of our code. If your website does not work, due to our web developers, we will fix it for life.