Reputation Marketing - Reputation Marketing

So Just What Is Reputation Marketing?


First off, ANYONE who talks about doing “Reputation Management”, or “Reputation Monitoring” for your business, has no idea what they’re talking about.  You don’t make money monitoring, you make money marketing!

Simply put, Reputation Marketing is creating a 5 star reputation and marketing that reputation to GET MORE CUSTOMERS.  So whether you’re a dentist with some good and some bad reviews, an optometrist with nothing but 5 star reviews across the board, or a car dealership with lots of complaints, Reputation Marketing can and will help you get more customers.

Online Marketing has changed and your competition doesn’t even know it yet.   People have a choice as to where they spend their money, and the internet and third party reviews play a huge part in their purchasing decisions.  People are looking to do business with the most reputable companies out there and Google is putting your reputation on display to ANYONE searching for you.

Just type in any business name and the city they’re located in, or any business type followed by a location and you’ll see what we’re talking about…Here’s a search for “Dentist in Philadelphia”  Right there for the world to see is each business’ rating, and reviews.  Google’s done this across the board for ALL local businesses.



Desktop Search


Screenshot_2014-01-15-11-49-58 (1)

Smartphone Search


It’s just as important on mobile devices as it is on a desktop or laptop.  Anyone looking anyone looking for your address, or looking up your phone number online on a smartphone will see your reputation.  Google put it right there on Android phones, and Apple put it right there front and center on Iphones.  And people pay attention to these reviews.


People trust online reviews more than they trust newspaper editorials, ads on TV and anything they see on your website.  In fact, what’s the first thing people do when they get a recommendation from a friend?  They look that business up online and check that business’ reputation.  That brings us to just how vital a business’ reputation is.  On average consumers read 10 reviews before making a purchase decision.  That means that without 10 5 STAR reviews, your business just isn’t trusted.


So now that you understand how vital your business’ reputation is, where does Rise Local Consulting come into play?  Well, we help your business build the perfect Reputation Marketing Strategy.

First, we help you build that 5 star reputation by collecting real reviews from your customers and getting those posted on review sites like Google, Yelp, Citysearch, Yahoo, more.  Then we take those reviews and help you market them on your website, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Foursquare, Linkedin and more.  We monitor and manage that reputation on all pertinent websites and engage with customers leaving those reviews.  Finally and probably most importantly we personally train each and every employee on the importance of a 5 star reputation and create a culture within your organization that facilitates getting as many reviews as possible.


The bottom line is we don’t just monitor or manage your reputation.  We do what it takes to create a culture that generates NEW CUSTOMERS based on your reputation alone.

Sound like something that might help your business?  Contact us at (330)998-6153 or fill out the form below for a FREE reputation analysis and a custom strategy for your business.